Payment Processing, Point of Sale Products

For Online and In-Person Payment Methods

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Small but Powerful

Mini Is small enough to fit into any space but packs plenty of POS power to run your business.


Future-Proof your Business

Security and functionality to give you the confidence to accept any payment, anytime.


Stay on Top of Your Numbers

Get the reporting your business requires instantly.


Wifi and LTE Compatible

Take card payments using Ethernet, WiFi or LTE with a user-friendly interface.


Organized Inventory

Your staff can start taking orders with minimal training while keeping your inventory organized.

virtual terminal

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals are perfect for businesses that operate without ever seeing their customers. Get the right B2B payment solution and eliminate unnecessary hardware costs to process payments.

Clover terminal

Time Clock & Register

Integrate daily sales information directly into Quickbooks. Additionally, manage employee schedules, overtime, time sheets, payroll exports, and much more.

Quickbooks by Commerce Sync

Integrate daily sales information directly into Quickbooks.

Customer Connect (DriveCX)

Get customer feedback at Point of Purchase. Moreover, increase return visits with “come back soon” offer.

Customers & Orders

View customer info, transaction history, and marketing preferences. Search orders and more such as take payments or issue refunds.

Digital Loyalty

Increase customer spending and repeat visits. Send e-blast marketing messages via SMS for more sales.

POS Terminal


Featuring powerful multimedia capabilities and a large 3.5-inch color touchscreen providing the best-in-class user experience

Wireless Payments

Accept credit cards, Google pay and Apple pay. Support all forms of electronic payment options including EMV and PIN chip, Signature Capture, Magstripe.  

Reliable & Long-Lasting

With portable WiFi and 4G/LTE capabilities, the long-lasting battery supports up to 8 hours of business on a single charge.

Payment Processing, Point of Sale Products

E-Invoicing and E-Commerce Shopping Carts

Online Payments

We enable online payments for your customers with an easy-to-use interface so that they can enter the payment details online or by the shortcut from the customer’s card on file. Namely, products at Pocket Payments automate scheduled monthly fee payments for you, furthermore, setting up recurring payments so you can save time and money. Ultimately, we provide a simple, secure online payment solutions and achieve PCI compliance to your customers so you can focus on your business.

Payment Processing, Point of Sale Products

Plus many more!


The payment gateway checks to make sure your customer has sufficient funds then authorizes the purchase.


As soon as the purchase is authorized, you can confidently ship your goods to your customer.


Your customer's funds have arrived in your bank account.

All About Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Payment Processing, Point of Sale Products
Payment Processing, Point of Sale Products



Pre-designed IVR applications available for the Financial Services industry to meet your cardholders’ basic support needs. You can easily manage debit and credit card activation validation through efficient IVR automation.


Full customized design and development options are available to meet your customers’ specific requirements. With IVR applications available for any industry, we provide your customers with quick access to the right support information.



Better meet your cardholders’ support needs with our IVR applications available for the Financial Services industry. Card activation validation, PIN select, token customization, and multiple customer service options available when needed.

2 Way-Connect Feature 

Show your customers that you keep a watchful eye on their card account transactions. Our 2Way-Connect Free to End User service delivers text alerts to verify potentially fraudulent card account activity.

Gift cards and E-gift cards are available from multiple providers to ensure no disruption to your business.

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